Our Shipping Policy

It is customary in the breeding world to ship puppies wherever the money is.
I wholeheartedly disagree with this philosophy.

These are not boxes of stuff, they are living, breathing, feeling animals. Would you stick a human baby in a box and ship them in cargo? I do not believe in putting one of my babies in a kennel and shoving them on a plane, to be met by a stranger. There are safety issues with shipping by plane such as temperature irregularities while on board, horribly long layovers if the temp restrictions are not met for flying on each leg of the trip, pets getting loose and getting lost, and other problems. I will sell puppies to out of state families on an approved basis only and I will deliver them myself to your door so I know they are safe and comfortable the entire way. The buyer is responsible for costs of delivery and I will give you a price ahead of time. This is just an estimate! I will keep it as low as possible but due to weather conditions and travel costs, it may vary. These puppies will be transported after the other puppies have been picked up, and will be delivered in a logistical order.

Of course you are also welcome to come pick up
your baby from us.

I hope that you understand and appreciate this policy!