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I will be updating this page with our latest news, show and trial updates so you can keep up with the kids!!
11/6/2016- Asti (Miles / Keilani) earned her CGC today!
11/5/2016- What a great day! Miles, Tequila and Khaos all earned their WAC (working aptitude certification) today in Oceanside!!! Keilani decided the threatening stranger wasn't much of a threat and did not pass unfortunately. But we all knew she was too sweet :-) Miles has also decided he wants to be a dock diving dog!!!
10/15/2016- we had a great turn out and a fantastic time at our annual Immortal Doberman Puppy party!
9/26/2016- Artemis (Miles/Keilani) and her Mommy Kayla earned their Nosework 1 title!!!
9/22/2016- Keilani and Miles are off to shoot a commercial today !
7/28/2016- Amazing news!! Miles, Keilani and Tequila have started prepping to shoot an Adam Sandler film!!!! It will air on netflix in spring 2017!! Watch for it and say hi to the kids!!!
7/19/2016- Thomas and Jana earn their Nosework 3 title!!!!!!
7/8-9/2016- Keilani earns 2 legs for her AKC CD title at the trial in Camarillo.
7/2/2016- Khaos and I are of to shoot an indie film "Biker". Off to the salton sea! good thing we dont go on set until late night, it is supposed to be over 110 degrees during the day!!
6/11/2016- Rogue earns her CGC at the NABOC fn match :-)
5/7/2016- Khaos earns his Versatility Companion Title from the UDC. This title is awarded to dobermans that show success competing in multiple venues. So proud of my boy!
4/25/2016- Miles shoots 2 videos in 24 hours!!! First one is for a rap artist named "Dreezy" and tomorrow morning for another artist named Sammy Wilk-"Ready for War"
4/11/2016 - Miles is shooting another video- Watch for him in the video for Hopsin's song "bout the business"
3/20/2016- Miles earns his UPR3 title! (highest level IPO obedience)
3/5/2016- Rogue had her conformation debut at IABCA show ! She took 2nd in group against older puppies. She showed beautifully :-)
2/19/2016-Keilani gives birth to 6 beautiful babies!!!! Watch for new pics on the puppy page! All puppies are spoken for :-)
10/27-28/2015 Khaos makes his prime time TV debut taping an episode of "My Haunted House" on A&E! Watch for announcements of the air date!!
10/24/2015- Miles and Khaos both earn their FPR1 (IPO tracking titles) at the Western Horizons Working Dog Club trial with judge Andrea Dugan
6/9/2015- Miles really did it this time. Somehow he managed to herniate a disc in his neck while he was in his run, alone!! We did the MRI yesterday and confirmed the diagnosis and also confirmed that his injury has nothing to do with any type of wobbler's syndrome. We have started a fundraising campaign to help with the cost of surgery and aftercare and also to make it easy to follow along with his progress. Follow this link for more info CLICK HERE

Feb 26th, 2015- Keilani gives birth to 7 babies!! 5 girls and 2 boys!! We may have a couple available!! Check our new puppy page for pics and info! Miles is the daddy of the litter!

Jan 23-25th, 2015- What a great weekend at the Tri Valley Working Dog /Orange Empire Dog Club shows in Victorville! So happy to have a LOCAL show!!!
Khaos earned his CD (companion dog title), Keilani earned her Rally Excellent Title, and Olesia earned her Rally Novice title and a leg toward her Rally advanced title with a 1st place ribbon!

Jan 2015- Lisa and "Strykar" earn their BH title!!!! on to IPO 1!!

Jan 2015- Thomas (Ari/Reno puppy) and Jana earn their Noseworks II title!!!!! So proud of them!!!

November 15th, 2014- Keilani earns her BH title at Western Horizons Working Dog Club IPO trial!

October 21st- Dannika (Miles/Isis) Earns her CGC!

October 20th- Thomas (Arianna/Reno) and Jana earn the coveted Noseworks 1 Title!!!!!!!
October 15th- Tequila has 8 beautiful babies!!! 5 boys and 3 girls!!!!
September 18th- Abbi- Immortal's Abracadabra (Keilani/Khaos) earns her AKC Star puppy  certificate!!

September 17th- Strykar- Immortal's Strykar of the Iron (Miles/Isis) Owned by Lisa Yauchzee Earns his CGC!

September 13-14 2014- What an amazing weekend at the Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club dog show!!
            * Khaos finishes his Rally Novice title in a perfect sweep!! AND he gets his first and
             second leg for his CD!!!! And he was in a run off both days for ribbons!! That's my boy!!
             * Keilani finishes her Rally Advanced Title in a perfect sweep! Three Q's for three Entries!

August 2014- Miles, Keilani, Olesia, Tequila, and Khaos all pass their eye exams and earn OFA certification :-)
August 9th, 2014- We had a great time at the southwest Obedience Club Trial. Keilani earned her first Rally Advanced leg, and Khaos earned his first Rally Novice leg with a tie for first place!!!!
April 2014- Arianna passes her therapy dog evaluation with the BARK organization 
          with flying colors :-) She will be reading with kids at Lytle Creek Elementary.

March 2014- Keilani delivers 6 beautiful babies! 4 boys and 2 girls !!!
February 3-4, 2014- Watch for the Overland Footwear 2014 Winter ad campaign!!!
                                      Behind the scenes                       Full Ad campaign

January 2014-
Arianna and  Miles both earn their Versatility Companion Title from
             the United Doberman Club!! This title is awarded to dogs that have shown
              an aptitude to perform in multiple events and have passed health
             clearances  :-) So Proud of the kids!!

November 2013---Watch for the new Verizon commercial with Ed Norton-----
                 If you see the Dobermans chasing him---That is none other than our
                 Miles and Mars!!!!!

November 16th, 2013 Olesia keeps us rolling in 2013!!!! She earns her BH at
                Western Horizons Working Dog Club!!! She will now continue her
                   training  to trial for her IPO next Fall :-) Such a spitfire!!!
October 13th, 2013- Khaos does us proud! We had an amazing time at the United Doberman Club IPO Fall classic! He earns his BH and will be getting ready for his IPO 1 soon :-)
September 30th, 2013- "Havoc" is officially here!!
Khaos and Keilani's single puppy was born!. Black and rust male, 23.2 ounces!!!!
Check out our puppy page to follow his progress. And check our upcoming litter page for our planned future breedings :-)

September 2013- A new DNA test for Doberman Pinscher Vestibular Deafness- DVDob. We submitted DNA for testing on all of our dogs and so far all have come back N/N- normal/normal,Not affected , not carrier :-)

August 2013
- Keilani and Khaos have been bred :-) We are sooo excited for this litter. These puppies are going to be incredible!!

July 2013 Miles finishes shooting his part in the upcoming feature film "Paraphobia", Watch for it and see our little man in action
July 2013-Khaos and Keilani get their OFA Good hip certification!!
June 2013- The babies are ready for their new homes ;) We have one baby boy left :)

April 4th 2013
- Isis gives birth to 4 beautiful boys ! We unfortunately lost the runt of the litter, but the others are doing AMAZING! Due to some changes in our waiting list and the abundance of families wanting girls- we have males available!!! Email us for more info!!
April 2013- Here comes the babies!!! Puppies expected April 5th 2013!!!

Feb 2013 - What a great way to start off the year!!!
We received
an email from the AKC stating that our little girl Keilani has qualified to compete in the 2013 AKC Rally National Competition to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma!!!!! We are hoping to get some sponsorships to help defray the cost of the trip and let her compete against the big kids- Keilani isn't even 2 years old yet!!!! Let's show these guys what a Dobe can do!!!!!

Archived news events
June 16th, 2012- Norco All Breed Obedience Club fun match
What a day!!!!! EVERYONE came out to play!!!! Arianna, Miles, Isis, Keilani and Khaos along with friend Rosie. 6 dogs and 20 classes, we were turning quite a few heads!!! Even little Gabby the viszla came along to play!! What a blast- obedience, rally, agility- even Lure Coursing!!!!!! Everyone did great! and had lots of fun and got lots of attention!!! I'm beat!
June 2nd, 2012- Arianna and Khaos are invited to a casting call in Hollywood for a men's shopping network mascot Fingers crossed! Will update when we get news.
May 19th, 2012-                                      PUPPY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing day!!! Our first annual puppy party was a HUGE success!!!!!! All but one of Arianna's 2011 litter came to celebrate their birthday!! Isis' puppies got to go home with their new families after the party. We had games, Bar b que, Bobbing for hot dogs,  pictures and LOTS OF DOBERMANS!!!!! We even had a few special guests!!!!!! We also gave out our incentive checks for the pups that had earned special recognition- Thomas, Khaos, and Piper have all earned their Canine Good Citizen certificate with the AKC and earned a $25 for their effort!!!
We will be having our annual party the weekend before Memorial Day each year! All of our puppy owners (past, present and those on waiting lists) are invited!!
If you would like to come out in 2013, feel free to contact us!!!

May 13th, 2012- High Desert Obedience Club Trial. Keilani finishes off her Rally Novice title with a first place ribbon!!!!! Congrats baby girl! Off to Advanced!

April 28th, 2012-  Open house at Desert Mountain Veterinary clinic. This is one of the hospitals I work at, so we went down and did some agility demos!! Miles, Arianna, and Khaos got to strut their stuff. Miles got to race kids through the weave poles :-) and some of the kids got to put Ari and Khaos through their paces and let them lead them through the course.
April 20th, 2012- Miles shows what a softie he can be as he participated in the BARK (Beach Animals Reading with Kids) Booth at the OC Pet Expo! He had a great time and got LOTS of love ALLLLLL day!!!! Not to mention playing in the SplashDogs pool!
April 14th, 2012- Papillon Club Obedience trial
Miles struts his stuff once again to earn his second leg to his CDX with a first place ribbon!!!! One more leg to go, and another new title! then off to the Utility ring!
March 24th, 2012- Basset Hound Club Obedience and Rally trial
Keilani earns her second leg for her Rally Novice title with a second place ribbon! And Miles earns his first leg to his CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title! Way to go kids!!!!!
March 17th, 2012- Schutzhund Trial- Western Horizons Working Dog Club.
                               WHAT A DAY!!! Arianna tries for her UPR1 Title (Obedience Title- 1st level) 50 MPH winds and a sand storm!! Half the time she couldn't hear me and the other half she couldn't see me!!! Poor girl tried her heart out but just could not pull it off, I love you Ari and thank you for trying sooo hard! Miles tries for his UPR2 title- only 20 - 25 MPH winds but he got the rain/sleet. Good news is it held the sand down for him so in between the shivers he could at least see and hear me!!! Through it all he pulls off a title!!! I am glad to be home!! But couldn't be prouder of the effort these 2 put in.
March 10th, 2012 - Great day at the HDLRC fun match! Keilani and Khaos take 1st and      2nd place in Rally novice!!! Kailani scores 96 and Khaos scores 95!!! Congrats kids!!!

         They earned their CGC certificate!! now introducing---

              Immortal's Phantom Midnight Express CGC!!!

               I am sooo proud of you both!!! I will have a special treat for you at the party!!
March 3, 2012-- Right on schedule Isis delivers 3 beautiful babies. 1 black male and 2 black females ready to take on the world!! Congratulations to their new families!!

Feb 21st, 2012-- Kai is on her way to Vancouver, British Columbia, with her personal escort, to join her new family!!
Feb 12th, 2012- Santa Ana Valley Kennel Club fun match.

Khaos, Keilani, and Kai earn their Canine Good Citizen certificates with lots of praise from the evaluator and the ring help about how pretty and well behaved they were.
We had a great day at the fun match and all the dogs got to play and all did great. This is Isis' last outing until babies are weaned so she was very happy to go play.

Feb 1st, 2012- Ultrasound confirms our beautiful puppies out of Miles and Isis! Visit their page for more info and to see the ultrasound!
January 28th, 2012- Keilani makes us proud in her first time in the Rally
Obedience ring!!! She scores a 95 out of 100!! and earns a leg toward her Rally Novice Title!

2011 news!!!
December 31, 2011- Isis has been bred! Puppies due March 3, 2012!
           Check our upcoming litters page for more info on this amazing litter!

December 12th, 2011- Miles and Isis tests come back negative on the NCSU Dilated Cardiomyopathy DNA screening. :-)
December 10th, 2011- Isis earns her first leg to her AKC Graduate Novice Title!! With a second place a score of 192 out of 200!!!
December 3rd, 2011 - Khaos tries his hand at the conformation ring and gets a Best of Winners and Best of Breed!! Check his page to see new photos!
November 26-27th, 2011- Miles and Arianna make their mark at the agility trial in Bloomington!!
            Miles takes home a perfect score, a blue ribbon, and a new title!! "Novice Agility Jumpers",        NAJ is now added after his name.
            Arianna gets her first leg for her Open Agility Jumpers title!! 2 legs to go for her OA and OAJ!!!
November 12th, 2011- Isis and Miles make me proud at our Schutzhund trial!!!
Miles came away with an OB1 title on his first try!! With ooohs and Awes from the crowd he does an amazing job for a youngster!!!
Isis also makes her mark with a beautiful job on her BH routine!!!!
What a wonderful day!!!!!!!

Nov 5th, 2011- Isis gets her third and final leg to finish her Companion Dog title!! And she did it in 3 tries! Today she got her title and a second place!!!

Sept 18th, 2011- What a great day at the Antelope Valley Kennel Club fun match in Lancaster!
The kids really struted their stuff!!! Some of the highlights- Miles got first in his Open Obedience class, Khaos got Best of breed out of 4 dogs and went on to group where he placed 3 against 8 dogs!! With NO practice!! Keilani got to play in the Rally ring and took home a second place ribbon! Isis not to be outdone- First in her Rally Excellent class, first in her Novice obedience class, then to top it off- came away with a High In Match with a score of 196 out of 200- the highest obedience score of the entire day in ALL of the obedience classes!!!
Sept 6th, 2011- I have updated our "available" page. Take a look and see who is ready for a new home.
September 5th, 2011- Miles does it again!! Another Blue ribbon in his Standard Agility course!! Only one leg left in each- Standard and Jumpers, and he gets even more letters after his name!! Stay tuned for his progress.
August 27-28th, 2011- Miles and I are attending an Agility seminar in San Clemente, CA. We are hoping to improve our communication and be ready for the invitationals next year!
Saturday August 20th, 2011- Miles jumps back in the agility ring and comes out with a blue ribbon and a qualifying leg for his Novice Standard Agility title!!

Saturday August 13th, 2011 It is GREAT to be back working again! Today Isis competed in the Southwest Obedience Club's trial! It was a great trial and our little girl made us proud! Isis returned to the obedience after her broken leg and earned a 3rd place out of 10 dogs! She now has her 2nd leg to her CD (Companion Dog) title! So far she has been perfect in the ring and not a single NQ! One leg to go till she has her CD!
Wednesday June 8th, 2011 The babies are now 1 week old and growing like little weeds! We will get back to trialing once the babies are older!

Wednesday June 1 st, 2011!!!
The puppies are here!!!!! Info on
"Arianna and Reno's litter" page

Friday, May 27th, 2011- only 6 days to go! Ari is getting used to her maternity ward. She had a great check up at the vet, and she weighs in at 91 pounds! She has gained 20 pounds!!! Her x-ray will be posted shortly, looks like 8-9 puppies. We can't wait! Everyone is taking some time off so I can prepare for the babies, but Once they are in their new homes, we will be back at it!
Arianna has been bred!! Puppies due June 2, 2011!!

Wednesday May 11, 2011- Reno is on his way home to Wisconsin. We will definitely miss having him here. What a sweet and happy boy. Have a safe trip Reno!!!

Monday May2nd - Arianna's Ultrasound confirms her pregnancy!! We are expecting 7 - 10 puppies. We will be doing an x-ray around the 24th to try to get another count so we know what to expect on the big day!!

Sunday, April 2nd-He did it!! Reno gets his Rally Excellent title with a perfect 3 for 3 tries in one weekend!! Way to go big man, your new babies will be soooo proud!!!

Saturday, April 2nd- Reno gets his second leg for his RE!! Can he get his RE in a perfect weekend?? We will find out tomorrow.

Friday April 1st- Reno gets his first Rally Excellent leg on a blistering day in Las Vegas!!

Saturday March 26th- Reno gets his second leg to his Rally Advanced title!!

Sunday March 27th- Reno gets his Rally Advanced Title and his first leg for his CD ( Companion Dog) Title!!

Sunday, March 13th- Rio continues his rally winning streak!! He gets his first leg for his Rally advanced title with a score of 92 and 1st Place!!!

Saturday, March 12th- WE DID IT!! Ari and Miles passed their BH today. I was nervous so it through them off a bit, but I am sooo proud of them!

Friday, March 11th- Reno and Siren both pass their Canine Good Citizen Test with ease!!!

Saturday Feb 19th- Palm Springs Kennel Club/Agility

Arianna gets her first open leg for her standard agility title! On her first try in the open ring, she gets a second place with score a 95 out of 100!

January 28th - 31- Orange Empire Dog Club

Isis gets her first leg to her CD title on her first time in the obedience ring!She scored a 186 1/2 out of 200 points! And got a second place ribbon!

Reno finishes his Rally Novice title in the ribbons!!! now it is off to the obedience ring!

Jan 15th- Golden State Rottweiler Club/ Agility

Miles earns his first leg to his Novice Agility Jumpers title!!
Oh Yeah, with a FIRST PLACE RIBBON!!!

Arianna finishes her Novice Standard title!! With a perfect score and a first place ribbon!!!

Jan 7th - 9th- Palm Springs Kennel Club

Isis gets 2 titles in 1 weekend!!! She earns her Rally Excellent AND her Beginner Novice title!!! What a weekend!! A perfect 3 for 3 legs on BOTH titles!!!

Reno earns a leg to his Rally Novice title! On his very fist time in the ring!!