We have set up this page to honor our beloved Dobermans that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We are proud to share with you these amazing kids.



Our beloved Ari- taken from us way too soon. A freak accident took her from us at only 4 years old, she ran into a sliding glass door full speed when she didn't realize it was closed. She succumbed to her injuries 24 hours after the accident while under veterinary care.

Thunder Valley's WhyPrincessWhy UScA-BH, UDC- VC, AKC- CD, NA, NAJ, RAE,

CGC, BARK therapy Certified



Arianna's son who was just a show stopper! Big red boy who was one of the happiest kids you ever met, Taken from us too soon at the age of 5 along with 3 of his littermates to DCM. No matter how much testing we do as breeders we just can't seem to get a handle on this horrific disease.

Immortal's I AM The Big Bang!  UScA- BH, FPR1. UDC- VC, DPCA- WAC, AKC- CD,RN, CGC



Our sweet Tequila came to us at 4 years old when her breeder was placing in a home after deciding not to breed dobermans any longer. She was a half sister to our Arianna and I couldn't pass up the chance to bring this girl.She absolutely blossomed with us and went on to not only give us beautiful babies but earn titles and appear in several production jobs including videos with Snoop Dogg, a movie with Adam Sandler and an episode of the TV series 9-1-1. We lost her due a blood infection from a bite wound from getting into a spat with her "sister". Should not have been the end, but unfortunately after 3 surgeries and 3 different antibiotics she just couldn't shake the infection.

Thunder Valley Dobe Imperial Tequila   UScA- BH, AKC- CA, CGC, DPCA- WAC



Probably one of the most amazing pups on the planet, he could do anything and the things he didn't know he learned on the spot. Obedience, IPO, Tracking, Agility, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Productions- There was nothing I ever asked of him that he didn't give his absolute all too. Another Doberman that DCM took from the world at the absolute top of his game- 3 weeks from 9 years old and still going 100 miles an hour- I am absolutely lost without him.

Thunder Valley's You Gotta Want It-- UScA-BH, UPR-3, FPR3 UDC- VC , DPCA- WAC, AKC- CDX, ThD, RAE, CA, NAJ, CGC, BHN




Another shocking blow to our family. Keilani went to the vet because of an upset tummy. On an exploratory surgery, after using all of our medical options, we found a tumor. The lab is still yet to identify the type of tumor it is. Even after she passed and we sent in more samples the pathologists appear to be stumped. I am still hopeful we may get some answers but as of yet still nothing but guesses. She was just 7 1/2 years old.

Immortal's Keilani v. Izrafel   UScA-BH, AKC- CD, RE, CGC