Looking for a worthy charity to donate to?

A chance to make a difference!!

Rose's Fund
- If you are looking to donate for a worthwhile cause to donate money to, please consider Rose's Fund. They are a great group of people who help people pay for large veterinary bills that are just too much for the owners to manage alone. They help everyone without regard to breed of dog.


Dobe 911- This organization is dedicated to all Dobermans, they do rescue work, help senior dobes, and help dobe owners with vet bills and emergencies. Please consider sending a donation in honor of a current , past or future doberman and help others care for their own or rescue one in need.


Here are some of our favorite links- This is not an endorsement of any business, merely a look into the businesses we patronize.

Desert Mountain Veterinary-
Dr Dispenza and Dr Loveless take care of all of our general health care on ALL of our kids!!! Dogs, horses, cats, and all of our rescue animals. Couldn't ask for better people or vets for our family!


Yorba Regional Animal Hospital- Dr Becky Williams is our Reproductive specialist. She takes care of all of breeding services, she is AWESOME!!!


Northside Veterinary Clinic- This is the hospital that we use for our Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine if needed. Dr Allard is great and is very comfortable with Dobermans.


Lydia Hiby- Animal Communicator. Lydia is a friend of mine I have known for years and she is EXTREMELY gifted in communicating with animals. As long as I have known her, she still never fails to surprise me with her insight.


Mind Your Manners Training- this is our training website. you can see what some of our students and clients have achieved


J and J pet supplies- supplier of any and all AKC performance event equipment. Not the cheapest but definitely the most complete supplier I have found.


Doberman Chat forum- great place to meet other doberman owners and just great people. lots of info and advice from Good people. We do NOT endorse the Doberman Talk Forum!!!!


American Kennel Club
- THE place for information on dog shows and performance events.

United Schutzhund Clubs of America- This is the website to go to for more information on the sport of Schutzhund.