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What about White, Blue and Fawn Dobermans?

No reputable Doberman Breeder will breed for the White "Z" Factor Doberman!!!

The AKC even marks the registration of these dogs with a Z in the registration number so that breeders are alerted to the presence of this gene. White Dobermans are an albino trait that is highly discouraged because of it's link to health issues. THIS IS ANOTHER INSTANCE OF "BREEDERS" TRYING TO CAPITALIZE ON A DETRIMENTAL FAULT WITHOUT REGARD TO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE DOG! They prey on people who are looking for something different and do not realize that purchasing these dogs rewards these "breeders" for disregarding the health of the dogs they claim to love.

We do not purposefully breed for Dilute colors. Although there are some very healthy and beautiful Fawn and Blue Dobermans available, they are more prone to health and skin issues if not bred correctly. We prefer to concentrate our efforts on the dominant colors but occasionally will have dilutes available.
So you think you want a Doberman?

Unless you have been owned by a Doberman before you are in probably in for a surprise. When most people look at a Doberman, they see a tough, strong dog that can certainly take care of himself as well as his family. They see a self confident, courageous, independent dog that needs little in the way of "fussing" over.

While most of that is true what onlookers don't see is the fact that while they are very tough, strong, beautiful dogs that would easily give their lives for you.......boy can they be big babies!!!

It is not uncommon for your big tough Doberman to cry like a wounded animal when you are out of sight; for them to try and see if they can actually crawl under your skin to see if that might be close enough; for the big guard dog to follow your every move through the house or yard to make sure you don't need something, or have a spare hand for petting. Although the whole couch is open, they will get themselves into the most awkward appearing positions to fit with you in YOUR spot! If you don't want a dog that would rather die than be away from you, you should look into another breed! I am writing this as my 75 pound male has wedged his way in between me and the back of the couch, generously leaving me about 6" on the edge!!
These are not dogs that should be left out in the yard to guard the property. This breed is the only guard dog bred specifically to work directly with and near their human! Your Doberman will be miserable if it is not able to be near you. This doesn't mean that they can't be outside for a few hours to sun bathe and relax, but if isolated for long periods, even if there are other dogs to play with, he WILL become bored and destructive. They need to have adequate MENTAL as well as physical exercise to be the wonderful companions they are meant to be. Dobermans are also not for the timid owner. They need to have an owner with a sense of leadership and someone who is willing to instill discipline and love. Especially with males, they can be dominating for an owner who is not able to establish themselves as a leader and gain their dobes respect.
Doberman puppies need to have a tremendous amount of socialization with the outside world to grow up happy and well adjusted, un-socialized Dobermans can be extremely nervous and timid. Choose your breeder carefully, puppies need to be socialized from a VERY early age, they need to be inside and outside to learn different smells and textures. They need to be exposed to other dogs, and lots of animals and people, adults and children. They should learn to play with other puppies as well as spend some time alone to make their transition to their new home easier.

It is not just about pedigrees, a lot of time and knowledge must go into getting a puppy off on the right paw! Anyone can buy a dog with a great pedigree,  but to produce great puppies, you have to know how to nurture the babies to bring out the best qualities that the pedigrees bring to the table. A mediocre breeder can ruin a great pedigree by producing unstable, timid offspring. Socialization must start early and CONTINUE throughout the dogs life. Please meet with the breeder to ensure that you get along with them and agree with their philosophies and methods; you should be starting a relationship that will last at least the life of your puppy.


Do you really want a "big" Doberman?

There are some "breeders" that advertise "Large", "Warlock"and "King" dobermans.
I place the word "BREEDER" in quotations because a true breeder of Dobermans would never breed for extra- large size. The Doberman is bred to be a MEDIUM SIZED dog, and as such, their bodies and joints are not built to carry a large bulk. They should be agile and athletic, they should not appear overly large or bulky. When you breed only for size, you disregard the most important traits to watch for which are health, longevity and temperament. These "breeders" are only trying to capitalize on a trait that isn't in the best interest of the breed. The weight of the dog has no correlation to its working ability, and can actually be detrimental to the dog's health.
 Please do not buy a puppy solely because you want a BIG dog, there are larger breeds available if that is your priority, but don't sacrifice your puppies health just to have the largest doberman around.