Immortal Dobermans
Puppy Health Guarantee and Sales Contract

Whereas, April M. Ward, hereinafter referred to as the “Breeder” agrees to sell the following Doberman Pinscher puppy/dog identified as:

Registered Name-______________________________________________
 (This contract requires the use of “Immortal’s” or Immortal Dobe’s at the beginning of the registered name)
AKC Litter #__________________________       
AKC Registration number________________________
Whelped on _________________ Collar Color_________________Sex____________________
Color______________ Microchip #________________________________
AKC #________________________ UKC#_________________________
AKC #_________________________UKC#_________________________

Sold on limited AKC registration , hereinafter referred to as “Doberman” for the full price of $__________

Sold to: (please enter name (s) as they are to be printed on the registration certificate)
Hereinafter referred to as “buyer”:

Home Phone________________________ Cell phone_________________
Email_________________________ Alt Email_______________________

Buyer understands and agrees to the following terms and conditions of this contract:

This “Doberman” is guaranteed by Immortal Dobermans as follows:

1) To the best of the breeder’s knowledge, this Doberman is free of communicable diseases and birth defects and that at the time of the sale the Doberman was in excellent health. This Doberman has received all appropriate inoculations and medical care. Breeder will provide buyer with a copy of the puppy’s medical record detailing any medical treatment the puppy has received under the breeder’s care and will include a schedule of future recommended care that the breeder feels is essential to the puppy’s well being and continued good health. 
Buyers initials ___________

**Buyer is required to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours to validate this guarantee. Proof of examination must be provided to the breeder within 3 days of exam.

If at this initial examination the Doberman is found to have a health problem , the buyer is required to return the puppy to the breeder within 72 hours. Upon return of the “Doberman” along with Veterinary certification of the health problem, the “buyer” will receive a replacement puppy of equal or greater value within 18 months of original puppy’s return.

If this puppy develops a contagious viral disease within 7 days after placement, the buyer is to return the puppy to breeder for treatment. Buyers reserves the right to retain ownership of puppy or request a puppy from the next available litter with a comparable puppy. If buyer chooses to treat puppy at their personal veterinarian, “breeder” will reimburse fees up to the purchase price of the puppy. If Buyer chooses to retain puppy for treatment, and puppy expires while under care, Buyer will replace the puppy however buyer will be responsible for paying for new puppy minus costs of veterinary care of original puppy. (i.e.; puppy price minus cost of veterinary care for original puppy= buyers monetary responsibility)

Buyers initials ___________

2) Buyers understands that all costs of care for the “Doberman” are the responsibility of the “Buyer”. This includes but is not limited to routine health care, vaccinations, parasite control, training costs, damage caused by puppy, injury, illness, etc. Follow-up vaccinations are required to be given by a licensed veterinarian according to the schedule given by the “Breeder” Any amendments must be overseen by a veterinarian and approved by “breeder” to uphold this guarantee.

Breeder recommends waiting until the puppy is at least 1 yr old to spay/neuter, and it is preferable to wait until after 18 months old.  Information on the effects of early spay/neuter on large breed dogs will be supplied to the “Buyer” in the health care packet.

Buyers Initials_____________

3) Lifetime Virus Guarantee

If after the initial 7 day period, the “Doberman” contracts and dies from Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, or Para influenza, Buyer must notify the “Breeder” Immediately, return registration papers along with veterinary statement stating the nature of demise (including laboratory proof) and proof of current vaccinations following the schedule set forth by the breeder and we will replace the dog with another at no charge. Buyer will be responsible for ear cropping and transportation charges.

Buyer Initials____________

4) Five Year Congenital Health Defect Guarantee

Breeder Guarantees that if your “Doberman” should be diagnosed with or die from a congenital health problem before the age of 5 years, the “Breeder” will give you another puppy from the next available litter; “Buyer” will be responsible for the cost of ear cropping and transportation charges. Veterinary and laboratory proof of the condition that led to the demise of the dog MUST be provided by the veterinarian. We understand the bond that has formed while training and caring for your puppy, so we give you the option of returning the Doberman or keeping the puppy as long as it has been altered. If “Buyer” chooses to retain the Doberman, they will have the option of accepting a replacement puppy OR reimbursement of veterinary fees for original puppy up to the initial purchase price of $________.

Buyer Initials ___________

5)  AKC Registration
This “Doberman” is sold on limited AKC registration.  According to the terms of the American Kennel Club, this means that this puppy is not to be shown in AKC conformation classes, and will not produce AKC registered puppies. This puppy is eligible for all AKC performance events including but not limited to Agility, Obedience, tracking and Rally competition.

Should “buyer” desire to obtain full registration on this puppy, the following requirements must be met. “Breeder” does NOT GUARANTEE that this “Doberman”  is of breeding quality and offers no compensation for a puppy that is found not to be of breeding quality. Full merits of breeding quality dogs are not fully known until the dog is physically mature and health tests and working aptitude have been determined.

Health testing requirements- (all testing must be performed and recorded after dog is 2 years old and within 6 months prior to breeding)

OFA hip certification of good or better
OFA Cardio clear by Auscultation AND EKG or Echocardiography.
Full blood panel WITH Thyroid testing (T3, T4 and Free T4 by ED) must be normal
Brucellosis Negative
CERF Eye Exam
Doberman must be actively training and competing in an AKC, IPO or Ring sport
Temperament Test (acceptable tests are WAE, TT, BH, Therapy certification.)

“Breeder” requires a visit with the “Doberman” to ensure that requirements have been met and also that the conformation of the dog is fit to be included in a breeding program.

“Breeder” reserves the sole right to approve or deny full registration to any dog that does not meet the above requirements or if in the breeders opinion, the dog is not of high enough quality to be an asset to the breed.

Buyers Initials ____________

6) Once the requirements have been met and approved to obtain full registration on the “Doberman”, the “buyer” is to be held to the following standards of breeding practices.

*“Buyer” agrees to discuss any breeding plans with “Breeder” to ensure that the integrity of the Immortal Dobermans name is upheld.

*Buyer agrees to NEVER breed the above described puppy to any Doberman with the White Factor gene (designated on AKC registration by a “Z” in the registration Number)

*Buyer agrees to breed only to full AKC Registered dogs, with all of the health testing and working goals as is detailed in this contract for this “Doberman”

*“Doberman” will never be bred before the age of 2 years old.

*Females are NEVER to be bred more than once per year unless discussed with and recommended by a veterinary reproductive specialist for the health and breeding viability of the bitch.

Buyers initials_____________

7) Training and incentives
Buyer is aware that Dobermans in general, and European bred Dobermans in particular are a high energy dog that is meant to live an active life and be provided adequate mental and physical stimulation. This puppy has been bred for intelligence and an aptitude to compete and win in a multitude of venues.  It is HIGHLY recommended that Buyer completes at least one formal obedience program with this Doberman to provide training and socialization to assure a good foundation. Continued training not only assures a well behaved family member but also strengthens the bond between you are your Doberman.

Because of the importance of continued training with your dog, we offer cash incentives for all titles and certificates earned with an Immortal Dobermans’ bred dog in any recognized venue. This includes but not limited to AKC, UKC, USDAA, NADAC, UDC, AWDF, UScA.

Incentives are as follows:
CGC, Rally Novice- $25
TT, BH, Therapy Certification, - $50
Obedience, rally (above RN), Schutzhund & IPO individual titles, Noseworks titles - $100
Sch and IPO 1,2, or 3- $200

All other titles not listed here will be given incentives equal to those titles with corresponding difficulty.

Buyers initials _____________

8) 2 year Temperament Guarantee

If within 2 years of obtaining an Immortal Doberman’s Puppy, The buyer feels that the puppy is not compatible with the family due to a fault of temperament, the puppy must be returned to the breeder along with a statement from a professional trainer stating the nature of the defect.  Breeder must be satisfied that proper training and socialization has been provided. Buyer also must supply proof of maintenance of all health care and vaccinations throughout their care of the puppy. If health care has not been maintained, Buyer relinquishes all rights to the original puppy and will NOT be given a new puppy. If all documentation is present Buyer will be placed on the waiting list for the next available puppy which may take up to 18 months.

Buyers initials_______________

9) 2 year Working Guarantee

If within 2 years of  obtaining an Immortal Dobermans puppy, the buyer feels that the puppy does not have the drive to compete at the desired sport, the puppy must be returned to the breeder along with documentation of complete health care and a letter from the trainer or club stating where the dog is deficient. The intended sport must have been listed on the initial application and before the puppy was chosen. If the sport was not listed , there may still be a replacement offered on a case by case basis, at the sole discretion of the breeder.

Buyers initials________________

10) Emergency care

If at any point in this “Doberman’s” life, you are unable to care for or treat any injury or illness because of financial reasons, “buyer” agrees to contact breeder immediately to return dog for proper treatment , at no time is the “Doberman: to be euthanized because of a treatable condition. If the condition is life threatening and requires immediate veterinary care, euthanasia must only be performed when the dog is in severe pain or death is imminent. “breeder” will be available for the life of the “Doberman” to assist as needed to ensure that the quality of life is maintained as long as possible.

11) Violation of Contract

“Buyer” understands that any violation of this contract subjects the buyer to possible relinquishment of the “Doberman”. “Buyer” understands that at any point in this “Doberman’s” life, it comes to the attention of the breeder that the dog has been neglected, abandoned or abused as verified by an animal control or humane society officer, Breeder will come to the “Buyers” residence and “Buyer” will release the dog to the “Breeder” amiably along with all paperwork . No replacement will be given under this circumstance.

Buyer agrees that this contract shall be governed by the laws of the state of California , in which the breeder resides, to the exclusion of any forum and constitutes the entire agreement between two parties.

Executed on this _______ day of __________________ 20__



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